I like breaking all of the rules



I catch myself staring off, aware of my surrounding, but unaffected by them.  I see the sun reflecting off of my skin, but do not feel its warmth.  I see the breeze flowing through the leaves on the tress, and flutter my papers in front of me.  Brushing the hair from my face, yet I do not feel its breath.  I see the birds sitting in the tree and their calls, I cannot remember the sounds.  I am leaving my body, not day dreaming, but more aware than ever before.  The void of the senses has opened me to a higher level of conscience.  I look down on my body as I raise my hands to my face in wonder, what are these strange things, and how do I use them.  More importantly, WHAT have I used them for?  What greater good could I have accomplished with them?  Just as I reach my personal aphelion of my “self”, the gravitational pull sucks me back in..and my newer wiser self pauses at the perihelion.  Struggling to hold it together, to remember what my higher self had just come to realizing as the reality rushes into me and I catch my breath.  Will I continue to have the dis-ambiguity that my soul traveled to its furthest point to uncover, or will the every day worldly problems pull the pillow case back over my head…will my aphelion be in vain, will I let my perihelion destroy me?

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