I like breaking all of the rules


You close your eyes as you pause at the entry.  At the threshold your heart races.  There is only one choice to make, and two different outcomes, but which will you choose?  You listen as the breeze stirs some leaves from their slumbering state.  The fragrant wisteria creeping up the labyrinths walls makes you turn your head slightly, following its romantic scent.  The decision is made and as you step forward, you open your eyes.  The ground under your feet feels slightly spongy and moist.  Like walking on pillows, you remove your shoes to feel the coolness of the moss.  Eager to keep moving forward, is where the beginning of the end begins.

The slight fear that clung to you fades away, the hesitation slowly dissipates.  You feel urged to break into a full sprint but the tight curves and winding walls slows your pace.  Any preconceived ideas you once had are slowly evaporating with your perspiration in the damp air.  You are slowly letting go…your worries of this trip through your mind are no longer present.  You hear your thoughts more clearly, you are now in a meditative state of mind, knowing there are no more options, only forward.  With each new turn, and twist, is another concern of the outside world left behind.  The contemplative state of mind you have now entered will be what you have been looking for.  No more right answers to find, or wrong doings to apologize for.  In this singular state, you are aware of your value, your attributes that you do not see when facing the mirror.


As you reach the center, you have your head held high, and you raise your hands, stretching out to the sky in content.  You trace your fingers along the damp wall feeling each detail, circling the rosette.  Finally, coming to a stop to revel in your illumination and self growth.  Your trip back along the same path is filled with courage, and purpose.  You have come to this place, you have conquered the fear.  As the twists and the walls seem less daunting then when you first entered, now becoming a part of you, you carry the strength this place has given to you.  You have been given the power to integrate what you have experienced, and take it back into the world, by sharing and paying it forward.

At the end, where the beginning received you, you close your eyes one last time.  As a blind man steps out into the open with nothing but his faith, you make your own leap..into ascension.


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  1. wow…lovely

    April 10, 2014 at 9:18 am

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