I like breaking all of the rules






When I read this challenge I thought heck yes I can rock this!  I tend to be lean in my words with the few blogs I have already posted.  I am too afraid my readers will be lost in translation if I don’t cut my tangents short.  However, this was quite the challenge, which I say to that, en garde!!  Here is my go on the Fifty Challenge!



Mr. Spider with your tiny eight eyes, such an advantage you have over mine.  You stare blankly at me with legs spread, wound, ready to spring.  Captured corpses yuck, stuck in your sticky icky web.  Your fangs ready to eat my face, but I have my flip-flop, smack…squish.

Check out this link to learn more on this weeks DPchallenge!



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  9. beautiful…

    April 10, 2014 at 9:16 am

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