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The Butterfly Effect…


So, before we get started **DISCLAIMER** – this is NOT about some crush rant on Ashton Kutcher or the film.  This post is in response to our assignment today from Blogging University.  Our mission if we chose to accept it was to create a post revolving around our About page.  Seems very egocentric to me, why would someone want to come to my page to read about me?  They can just click on Who..Me? and see what I want them to see, if they choose to know anything about me.

I am not very attention seeking, so this challenge, well…is challenging.  How do I freaking write about why I chose my “About me” profile??  This seems so absolutely boring to me, as I am not a very exciting person to begin with, however none of you know that.  If I want you to think I am adventurous, then that’s what I could show you.  O.K., calm down..focus..hmm..my analytic mind hopping off on one of her damn bunny trails again.

So, let us dissect…and no..I don’t mean the pretty butterfly..but maybe you are getting the hint towards the title?

My mind truly runs a million miles a second.  If you read the simple short and sweet statement, it is very chaotic up in here.  I really need a release and source of venting all of these pent up words in my mind.  Where do these thoughts come from?  Well, from emotions my fellow bloggers and readers.  Where do the emotions stem from??  The wonderful biochemistry of our brain, from the Limbic system!  Have I lost you yet..hang in there, no lobotomy required, I eventually get around to making my points. I like taking the scenic routes..

So, without being a neurologist (which I am not), or being totally obsessed with Quantum Physics (which I am), it is fairly easy to see how it is all related.  The very interesting theory named by Edward Lorenz, basically states that our cause and effect could start at the one point, but the end result could always vary.

Take for example, and this is very rudimentary, but you go to work, taking the same route everyday.  One day there is road construction and a detour is placed in front of you, no other option but to go down this new path.  Seems typical enough right?  This happens a lot.  So, you go along with the signs leading you to your destination, however, now you are late.  You show up and the V.P. of the company is there, looking for heads to chop to save overhead.  You are so nervous, you forget to tuck in your shirt, tie your tie, wear your name tag, and now fumbling for the most impressive words to keep you from being one of the heads chopped.  In your nervous demeanor, you now trip over your own two feet, and slamming into this already very forbidding person, spill extremely hot coffee in his face!  Now, collecting your things and placing them into a filing box, you are headed out the door, back down that same detour….

What the heck just happened?  Did the detour throw you off your game that much?  Had it not been there, would you have been early, pulled together as usual, quick thinking and slick speaking.  Shaking hands and receiving that promotion you deserved?

So, in this example, I showed you how we let actions, dictate our reactions, and emotions which in turn is that snow globe effect of thoughts spinning around in our heads, the “what-if’s”, “if only”..woulda coulda shoulda….The way I come out of this fog, the only peace I ever get, is to let some of these thoughts escape..my fingers typing feverishly across the keys..I literally go on auto pilot.  So, I guess I can’t be faulted for what my mind decides to disclose..if, you believe in the butterfly effect..

My hopes, leading from my profile..are to inspire others..to let loose, let your chaos flow.  Maybe not in your blog, if you love flowers and are passionate about that, more power to you..but maybe, one day you can wear your hair down..or come home and spin your wife around while she is cooking dinner and deliver the most passionate kiss ever.  Whatever it is…change your cause..you never know what effect you might receive..

Check out this pretty awesome video of cause and effect with the score of one of my favorite trip hop artists..