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Don’t Look Back


Many times in life we are given opportunities to say goodbye.  Sometimes by our own choice, and others forced.  It may be a lover who the heat between you fizzled and replaced with an abyss of pain, guilt, and anger.  A loved one passing, and the pain of not saying “I love you” enough haunts you everyday.  Or best friend moving across country and the best intentions laid to “keep in touch”.  Whatever good bye you have had to give…there was pain.

So, why do we reject it?  Why is it so easy to tell someone, “Oh, you will forget all about…”.  I’m sorry..excuse me?  We each grieve in our own way, cope, endure, whichever it is for you..does not mean the next person will the same.  It seems to have become an uncomfortable and awkward white elephant in the room, so much easier to say “It will be O.K.”.  Who are we trying to convince though?  Ourselves?  Do we mean it?  Why not just reach out and give someone a hug…a shoulder to cry on…why must we suddenly become experts in good bye, when faced with it ourselves would become a crumpled piece of paper on the floor.

Why do we say, “Don’t look back”?  Why the hell not??  This is how we learn, yes it’s fucking painful, but deal with it!  Then, the proper thing would be to …move on.  So, I say..always look back..because if you don’t remember where you came from.. the demons on your heels will.