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My Little Secret..

So, I have been slacking on my Blogging 101 assignments.  Life has been pulling me in multiple directions lately.  I have a tendency to constantly fill my time slots up before I have actually confirmed anything…I am a planner, and I need to know the what when where and why of everything.  I sound difficult don’t I?  Well, I am..so what..probably a good reason as to why I am single, ha!

OK, so now I have to tell you why I wrote my last post.  Well honestly, I didn’t like the challenge, it made me think too hard.  I posted a silly poem, and every damn line rhymed (open mouth, insert finger, now gag…I said GAG!!, oh, that’s right, no gag reflex..)  TMI?

What can I say about it though?  It was a new design for me to use in expressing real feelings.  It felt uncomfortable posting in that way.  I am not sure why.  It is easier for me to tell you straight up that this was about a guy, (duh), that I totally dig, (obviously), and the desert was the plot setting cause that’s where I live hahaha..there done and done…wait no?  Not done..uughh ok..what else can I say?

Well I switched it up on ya, like a pinch hitter..hey batta-batta-batta-batta….For those of you not so sports inclined..check out the link..yes I am being lazy, I shouldn’t have to explain this.  I guess because it WOULD be easier for me to go into detail about how smitten I am over my blue eyed crush.  Instead the allure of a poem, leaves a crumb trail without being so blunt..and lets your own imagination soar with it.

I suppose it could also tie in nicely with an older assignment of ours where we had to write about our dream reader.  Check out the link …I rather enjoyed that one.

Well, I did the assignment, however I feel that if I was in high school again, my literature teacher would probably give me a “C” on this and tell me she has seen pigs give a better effort, (yes she actually told me this..wrote it in red ink on a final paper)  Ahhh, how I miss those days.  Well, what do you think?  You are my readers…what do you enjoy more from me?  Forced word vomit or speaking from my heart in a more natural setting?

And now a little ditty..love me some Jude..


In the Desert


The breeze cools my skin, as your breath takes me in

I loose myself in your eyes, a gaze to contend any prize

They are blue as the ocean, and warm as the sand

Fiery as the sun, setting on the land

As twilight lays its blanket across the sky

I feel your hand upon my thigh

As you pull me in to your embrace

We have never been this close, face to face

I want to taste your lips on mine

Your salty sweetness, so divine

My heart has quickened, to a much faster beat

And you are sending shivers from my head to my feet

When my head stops spinning and our eyes meet once more

I know you are mine, to love…forever more..

Dear John…


How many times have we held each others gazes, locked in another realm where time stands still around us.  

Our conversations drawn out, never awkward, only lingering on every syllable as to make it last.  

The electrifying current between us like a Tesla coil could incinerate any being who dare walk between us.  

With each passing life, we are like two parallel lines, never intersecting.  

Fated to stand by each others side and behind this glass wall.  

Never to hold..to touch..to slap..to kiss..to laugh..to wipe the tears..to scream..to make love.  

We can only share each others secrets and clasp our hearts to each owns chest as to not let anyone know our feelings.  

They can never know…they would never understand.  

Such judgments would be laid upon us as to smite out our spirits..and our undying secret love.


Washed Out


Being a woman is an amazing feeling.  So many emotions are attached to everything we experience.  Having the silkiest skin to be caressed by your lovers fingers.  Soft lips to be brushed over with another’s kiss.  We love to the fullest, cry the hardest.  My passion can never fully be expressed in words as there are none to bring forth the feelings provoked.  Like a cat we can purr when loved and scratch when spurred.  To love a woman to the fullest, you have written your life’s story with happiness and undying faithfulness from her.  I want a lover to find me hidden in the shadows..to coax me out and unlock my secrets that are hidden deep within me.  We hold secrets and take them to the grave..unless we find that man who is brave enough to learn and conquer us.  Reaching into my soul with his eyes..searching for the truth through the mask of smiles, the blurred vision of tears, and the ragged edges of my heart.  Until then, I am washed out…and hidden in the crowd.  You will probably miss me, pass me by..and never know what you left behind..