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Time Capsule


I recently visited my mom.  My semi-annual trip I take to “Hell”.  Before you get all judgmental and say I am lucky to have a mom, blah blah blah, I DID have a mom, and I called her Grandma, before she passed away.  Anyways, with all of the things I went through as a child with her, she is still my mom.

 Moving along…she has kept I think, every bit of scrap paper I ever wrote on as an adolescent.  Every news paper clipping, doodle..she has it.  Browning, and moth chewed, she still possess it.  On the most recent venture, she bestowed unto me a journal that I had written in class during middle school.    One of those “prompt” writing lessons.  Ya know, the kind that the teacher wrote a short sentence to get the juices flowing in your brain for first period.  Then, you wrote down the answer, or statement of opinion sort of thing.

What is cool about this, is that my daughter is currently in middle school.  She is a few years younger now, than I was when I wrote my entries.  Makes me wonder what her responses would be, would they be similar…or different?  So, here I will share a few with you.  Feel free to answer along with me.  These were statements and opinions of a 13 year old girl…would you have agreed with her 20 years ago?

  1. Feelings about this Middle School – This is my first year here and I like it a lot.  I get to ride the bus again and see other people.  I was home schooled for 7th grade.  I’m making a lot of new friends and I like my teachers, too.  I guess what I like about Taylor the best is that nobody cares what you look like or who you hang out with, they just leave you alone. – how innocent I was back then, but still true to myself to the end.
  2. Safe or Not? – Yes I do feel safe at here because people aren’t hassling you or trying to make trouble.  The teachers are nice and they don’t make you feel stupid or that you don’t belong. – prior to this school I was home schooled for a year after I was left for dead at my 6th grade middle school when a bunch of gang members jumped me.  My mom was a sub, and turned in some of the female students for smoking pot.  They had their boyfriends take it out on her 11 year old daughter.
  3. I think good communication is important in a family because... – You have to understand each other no matter what relation you have with the person.  The only way people will know you by is your actions and the way your physical appearance looks.  That’s how most people categorize other people. – Hahaha!!  I was trying my best to convey what I meant, you get the gist…right?
  4. A time I wanted to be left alone to think.. – One day after my grandfathers death I went to my room, closed the door and thought about life.  How things grow, and then die.  How things are young then one day old.  I guess that day, I really learned a lot about life. – deep stuff for a young’n…even then, I knew the frailty of our lives.
  5. Describe your personality and your families personalities.. – I am pretty nice most of the  time, unless I am in a bad mood.  My family is nice to other people but mean to me, at least I feel that way about them.  What I mean is that they say one thing to me but something totally different to another person about me. – I don’t know about you…but was I a total Emo kid???  My family taught me what I knew about the meaning of two faced.
  6. Changes – I would not change anything about myself because I like the way I am.  There isn’t any tiny itsy bitsy thing about me that I don’t like. – confident chick right there...
  7. Some of the ways I express my Individuality are… – The way I look, talk, act, and dress.  I think even if we tried to be like someone else we couldn’t because there is something special about all of us that singles us out.  If we would be the person we were made to be, then we would feel great. – modern day philosopher right there..missed my calling I think..


Some pretty silly jabbering of a teenager, however, it is the innocence I want you to look at.  Or, maybe not…By the age of 13, I had gone through more than some have in a full lifetime.  My young body carried an old soul in it.  It was pretty cool to see these, plus many other entries that I will spare you.  My thoughts and feeling haven’t changed, just the way I articulate it.

I know this post is far from my norm..but..opens a few doors to some of my future posts.  Stay frosty out there…I got your six..