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How About a Quarter and We’ll Call it Even, Steven…

My inspiration for what flows off of my fingers and from my mind is like trying to comprehend how we can go to sleep and keep breathing.  It just happens.  My brain always functions much quicker than my mouth (which has many times over gotten me into trouble).  “Think before you speak”…oh how many times I could tell you I have heard that!  My thoughts fly through my cerebral cortex, just as quickly as a neuron fires.  When the urge is there and I am not in front of my laptop, I either scribble a short hand illegible note, or the moment is lost forever.

The decision to blog came to me just as quickly.  I figured, well now is as good of time as any, and if I don’t do it now, I never will.  Writing brings peace to me where I would otherwise stay up in bed, staring at the ceiling with these words T-boning my jumping sheep..It has also become the most therapeutic way for me to cope with stress and the difficult daily process we call life.  Breaks down the day, reflect, learn from mistakes, create new ideas, clean slate.

To be perfectly honest, follow the link to my first post, was inspired by events that continued to stir up in my life, until I decided to literally rip the band-aid.  I cannot explain to the full extent as to where my decisions come from.  However, when I do, or when I commit to something, no one better stand in my way.  Once this happens, I find eternal peace.  I figure, well, I can sit around worrying and pondering forever more, or make a choice and stick with it.  Two outcomes are possible, I make a poor choice and I deal with the consequences, or I propel myself in the direction I wanted to go.  Either way, a lesson learned or a reward, I have bettered myself.  And no one but ME got me there.


Why I am here…the universal question..


I decided to take up this blog challenge for myself because a) I have no idea what I am doing, and b) I want a sense of belonging in this vast cyber world.  I love writing.  It has always given me a sense of peace and an outlet for me.  My self..wandering through my mind, in a daze with pieces of poetry, lost sentences trailing off into the never..  

Writing provides the stability where I feel I have none.  The anomaly is that I also feel the most free.  I can be me, or not..I can be fiction, or reality, subdued or chaotic.  I honestly do not have a preconceived idea of what will come of this.  I do not look to it for a million followers, or likes.  I share my words simply because I want another person out there feeling the same thing to read my words and feel content..”I am not the only one”….No, you are not my friend…you are not alone..

The other reason I am choosing to blog publicly rather than in a journal means exposure.  Again, I do not mean with popularity.  I simply mean..nakedness..unclad.  When you write in a journal, there is a tendency to leave out key notes..descriptions, the details and fine print.  Why?  Because we are writing to ourselves.  We know the minute descriptions..we do not need to write them down.  However, when writing publicly, you are more aware of the fine points needing to be expressed so someone can follow along with your story.  Without these details, one would be lost in your words, and I don’t mean that in a good way.  It’s almost like a connect the dots, but there are numbers missing and the picture can never fully complete itself.

With that being said, there is not much of a filter applied.  My topics will vary.  Some will be guided based on the journey I chose to partake in with the Zero to Hero challenge.  Others will be the ball of yarn in my brain…trying to untangle the knots.  Either way, the audience I look to attract will be the ones who find me by chance, and follow me due to their passion for what I have written.  Whether it is a love hate relationship, my purpose is to solely stimulate the feelings, hidden deep within us.  Either way, welcome to my minds eye..carry on if you care, and feedback, always welcomed.

Check out this link to learn more about the Zero to Hero Blog assignment.